venerdì 20 agosto 2010

3overland R2

It's been a long time without a post... Normal lives and work kicked in and lazyness contributed in leaving this blog totally unkept for a year.

Now we started a new adventure: the 2nd round of 3overland started Saturday 7th August with really short preparations but with a lot of entusiasm!!
Without the appropriate reservation for the flight we needed to find an alternative solution... So we started our trip taking a train from Turin to Rome: a really long and exhausting journey by night in the crowded corridor of an old train (thanks to Italian Railways for the pityful service they give!).

From Rome we headed to Denver (Colorado) for recovering the Land Rover Defender. You remember it? Last year we left the Land here for "technical issues"... After repair our friend Juan-Carlos take care of it. And he hosted us for the first few days of this new adventure. A enormous THANK YOU to him and his family!!!

Now we are in New Jersey, near NY, trying to shipping the Land back to Europe. In the last 2 weeks we departed from Denver passing through Kansas City, St.Louis, a detour for Memphis, Cincinnati, Fallingwater, Washington and Philadelphia...

For now that's all!
See you soon for a new report...

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