sabato 8 agosto 2009

Arrived in Phoenix

We're in Phoenix! After a very long journey two days ago (in the Highway 10 which we came to know is a Coast-to-coast way... enormous spaces, with desertic panoramas, some little sand storm) we reached Tucson, where we met Daniele, a friend of Fabrizio who had arrived in Houston some days after us and travelling by train for reaching us here.. from now on he will travel with us.

The next day, in Tucson we visited the studio and some houses of the architect Rick Joy (very interesting buildings made with the use of earth walls) and checked the Land with a mechanic about a little problem on front right wheel and steering... Nothing to be scared about.
We continue to met interesting people, curious about the Land and very kind to us...

At 6 p.m. we leaved Tucson for Phoenix when we met with Alberto, an other friend of Fabrizio who is traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast (he buyed an old cherokee car here).
After a big meal at Burger King and a restoring night we are now ready for visiting Phoenix!

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