martedì 11 agosto 2009

From Taliesin to Flagstaff

In Phoenix we visited Taliesin West, the Biltmore Hotel (where we tasted the original Tequila Sunrise!!) and the 2 creations of Architect Paolo Soleri: Cosanti and Arcosanti.
We met the Architect, who was arrived in Arizona from Turin, and we invited him to return to Turin for trasmit his ideas to the young students...

After visiting Arcosanti we directed to Sedona, where we tested the Land in an off-road trip: simply great!

Yesterday evening we arrived in Flagstaff where we separated with Alberto and Daniele: they need to travel more rapidly to Chicago... The days passed with them was very enjoyable and funny.

After that, we visited Meteor Crater and returned to Flagstaff... Just in time! The shadows of night are coming and we discovered that the lights of the Land didn't worked anymore!

Now we have to go... Stay tuned for more news about our trip!

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