domenica 2 agosto 2009

from Houston to Austin


Siamo finalmente riusciti a connetterci ad internet quindi cercheremo di fare un maxi aggiornamento...
Da oggi inauguriamo la versione in inglese del blog in modo da essere comprensibili anche fuori dall'Italia.

We've finally got an internet connection so we will try to do a maxi update of our adventures...
Starting today we will write the english version of our blog so everyone can read it.

In the last short post we announced our arrival in Houston, TX. We rented a car (a faboulous Ford Escape... For us it's a very big car but looking around here it's just lika a Punto in Italy!) and we got a room in a hostel where we was defeat by jet lag and the tiredness of the flight and we fall completely asleep...

The next day we wake early in the morning ( me and Fabrizio at 4 a.m.!) and, after a breakfast at Starbucks we started our visit of Houston with the Brown Pavillion of Mies van der Rohe and the Museum of Fine Arts of Moneo... After the visit we take a tour in the near Cullen Sculpture Garden and the Museum of Contemporary Art (where we created the 3overland dollar!).

After that we visited the very beautiful Piano's Menil Collection and Cy Twombly Gallery...

At 4p.m. we leaved Houston and we had lunch into a Whataburger (Fabrizio suggested it with the excuse "We are in USA...We have to try all"!).

In the evening we arrived to Austin but some bad news are here waiting for us: the mechanic who have in charge the Land of Fabrizio will be on holiday the days we have planned to pick it, the hostel was full and one of Fabrizio's friend wasn't in Austin... But there isn't only bad news another friend of Fabrizio called Yen let us sleep in his apartment...we had dinner in a nice restaurant named La Condesa and then walked along 6th street full of people and girls... What a beautiful night!!!

Today we take a rapid visit in Austin and after that we are going to Fabrizio relatives home in Fair Oaks Ranch, near San Antonio.

See you later.

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  1. Buon viaggio ragazzi e auguroni a Giampy!!! Attendo i prossimi aggiornamenti.